CEU Alumni Group


The mission of CEU Alumni is to continue growing with its students and past students, creating a consolidated network of people that are connected across the globe, where CEU and its values play an important role in the personal and professional development of each of these.

AFormer CEU Alumni was set up at the end of 1997 and almost two decades later it has become one of the largest Former Alumni Groups in Spain with more than 32,000 members in Spain and a presence in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The Group includes all former students at any of the CEU centres (universities, colleges, business schools, professional institutes and schools) that have expressly indicated that they wish to be included in it.

Belonging to the CEU Alumni Group means that you want to stay connected with the Institution and its Alumni, and share knowledge freely to achieve a more just and equitable society.

Alumni Network

By joining the CEU Alumni Group you can reconnect with fellow students and form part of a network of connected persons thus creating an enriching networking space.

A series of benefits and services is also available for alumni to continue developing professionally:

The objective of the training programmes is to continue accompanying Alumni in their professional careers, creating different formats where they can share knowledge and experiences and increase the range of opportunities available both for the individual and for the company.

There are many activities aimed at increasing the impact and professional competency of our Former Alumni:

  • Specialised courses and workshops
  • Access to Graduate and Postgraduate programmes
  • Master classes and conferences
  • Employment programmes: outplacement, mentoring, career planning

The possibility of developing one's professional career and finding a new job through the Employment Exchange, where all the most interesting offers can be found.

Entrepreneurial programmes that support the entrepreneurial initiatives of alumni in the different life phases of their entrepreneurial projects.

Social networks allow us to keep up to date with what is happening in the Alumni community and to keep informed about the latest events and activities. At the same time, it helps fellow students to get back in touch and to expand their networking. The online directory is another way to find other CEU Alumni that are part of the Group.

Clubs and Chapters also help to strengthen relations and interest groups with other alumni based on common interests and professional preferences, without barriers or frontiers.

Work with us

Work with us as an individual or as a company

You can work with the Group by participating in training programmes as a speaker, advising alumni on professional career guidance, through all the social/professional activities and events.

Companies can also participate in the Group by making exclusive offers or giving discounts on specific products or services to former alumni, by sponsoring Alumni events and activities and even collaborating in training, employment and entrepreneurship programmes.

Visit our Web CEU Alumni for more information :

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