"I believe that the first step in the work of education is to conquer the heart, with a love that is understood and appreciated, with kindness and concern for the joy of the student".

Father Ángel Ayala S.J.

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Why CEU?

At CEU you will find a different kind of project. We conduct our educational activity inspired by the values of Christian humanism, in a collaborative environment designed to stimulate new ways of understanding social reality and to generate innovative solutions.

We aim to have a positive impact on society and its development and, therefore, people are the cornerstones of our project. This mission is present in all our activities, from teaching to research, in all our centres, in all our people, CEU people.



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Social impact through teaching and research

CEU Universities promote excellence in education based on student support, research with social impact, and the love of teaching and service vocation of all our teachers and professionals.

If you feel passionate about education and research provided in an environment that fosters humanist values, have an innovative spirit, a proven research track record and an international outlook, we invite you to join our excellent university staff.

Leaders with passion

Our teachers are motivated to inspire, innovate and instil a passion for learning. They take part in volunteer work, and thrive when they collaborate with their peers, feeling like lifelong learners. Leaders with passion and proud professionals who are committed to improving our society through education and the principles of Christian humanism.

At our schools we offer continuous training, we promote the use of ICT in the classroom and new learning methodologies. We have implemented the International High School Diploma and a bilingual education system

Recruiting professionals

At the CEU Higher Institute of Professional Studies we believe in education built on a new model, based on a practical, innovative methodology, tailored to a changing and constantly evolving society.

We believe in people who seek to contribute their professional and teaching experience, enthusiasm and initiative to become part of a unique training project.

We are CEU

You are what you do. At CEU we are people who are eager to grow in the field of education, both in undergraduate and postgraduate higher education as well as in vocational training and compulsory education; people with values, with a commitment to service and continuous improvement.

We are people with decision-making and self-criticism skills, with an innovative spirit and the capacity to become part of multidisciplinary teams, committed to social causes and with a shared purpose.

Our Selection Process

Our selection processes are carried out in a standardised, objective, appropriate and fair manner, ensuring the quality of the assessment. This is accredited by the certificate issued by AENOR in the internationally recognised ISO 10667 Standard for the Assessment of People in Working Contexts. See certificate

This certification recognises the commitment to excellence in the choice, integration, implementation and review of methods and procedures for the assessment and recruitment of people in all our centres. CEU has thus become the first educational institution in Spain to receive this certification.

Furthermore, CEU complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, the European regulation governing the processing of personal data. Therefore, we inform you that your data will be entered into the processing system owned by the CEU San Pablo University Foundation in order for you to take part in the personnel selection processes carried out by our organisation. For further information, please see our Privacy Conditions.


  • Log in to our website and register for the job offers you are interested in.

  • Step 2

    Profile assessment

    We will make a selection of the profiles that best fit the process and we will inform you regularly through our website.

  • Step 3


    If your CV matches the requirements of the position, we will call you to find out more about your profile and your motivation.

  • Step 4


    Once you have passed the first call, you will have a personal interview where we will assess your CV and skills profile.

  • Step 5

    Teaching assessment

    For teaching staff positions, we also carry out a teaching test in which we will assess the suitability of your profile through a presentation.

  • Step 6


    We will give you our feedback as soon as possible.

  • Step 7


    We will confirm the final result of the assessment. We wish you the best of luck now and in the future.

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