As an institution that is deeply committed to society, CEU considers it fundamental that transparency and good governance criteria be used in the day-to-day running of the institution and its associated centres. Both are considered essential values for the proper functioning of both public and private institutions.

Entry into effect of Spanish Act 19/2013, of 9 December on transparency, access to public information and good governance, is a step in the right direction in the normative regulation of this field.

SAN PABLO CEU UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION would like to use this section to demonstrate its commitment to transparency and good governance. To this end, it will periodically publish and update information in accordance with its legal obligations but also other information of interest on the values that inform its goal of becoming a truly innovative, transparent and open organisation that is deeply committed to the society in which it operates.


Anuncio de la fusión por absorción entre la Fundación Universitaria San Pablo-CEU (fundación absorbente) y
la Fundación San Pablo para Ayuda al Estudio (fundación absorbida)

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Purchasing procedure

San Pablo CEU University Foundation has an established procedure for regulating purchases with the aim of offering all its suppliers and contractors the security and guarantees needed to participate in these processes.

This management model complies with the guidelines established to ensure San Pablo CEU University Foundation follows the established policies on Quality, Ethics and the Environment.

The process for purchasing and contracting goods and services has the following stages:

  1. 1. Purchase application and schedule: the centre/ department that requires the goods or service notifies the purchase department, providing the information with the required specifications.
  2. 2. Supplier selection: the database of approved suppliers is checked to ensure the supplier has the required qualification for the goods or service needed.
  3. 3. Bid/tender process: process whereby a request for a proposal is issued to suppliers that have already been selected. The bid request is made in accordance with a specifications document in which the required specifications are defined.
  4. 4. Examination of tenders and award: the proposals received are assessed in terms of the established requirements (technical, financial and administrative) and the supplier(s) deemed to best meet the needs of San Pablo CEU University Foundation are then awarded.
  5. 5. Formalisation: once the award is made, the relationship between San Pablo CEU University Foundation and the supplier is formalised through Contracts, Agreements or Framework Agreements that are regulated by the General Contracting Conditions of San Pablo CEU University Foundation.
  6. 6. Order processing and management: order processing is monitored to ensure compliance with the technical specifications and required qualities.

The intention of San Pablo CEU University Foundation is that suppliers are afforded equal opportunities in the qualification and tendering processes, thereby favouring diversity and transparency in procedures.

Supplier approval

Providers approval

To ensure transparency in processes and equal opportunities San Pablo CEU University Foundation has established processes for the registration, classification and selection of suppliers in accordance with objectivity and impartiality criteria.

Advertising and free competition is encouraged in the selection processes, within the boundaries of management efficiency criteria.

San Pablo CEU University Foundation uses the following questionnaire to register companies interested in initiating the qualification process and becoming possible suppliers. However receiving the completed questionnaire does not constitute any commitment.

Said questionnaire should be sent to the following address: [email protected]

San Pablo CEU University Foundation is committed to establishing confidence and good relations with its goods and services suppliers through a framework of collaboration and mutual respect that facilitates strong and enduring trade relations. The aim is to continuously improve purchasing and contracting processes in our quest for excellence.

Policy for Selection and Contracting of Persons

Policy for Selection and Contracting of Persons

La CEU Selection Policy is based on a set of Principles used for all the selection processes in our Centres. These Principles are inspired by Values that define CEU in all its Excellence: Quality, Transparency, Objectivity and Meritocracy and these are organised as follows:

Principles of Meritocracy, Universality and Objectivity
Principles of Equality, Justice and Equity
Principles of Quality and Transparency
Principles of Legality, Professionalism and Confidentiality

Generally speaking, the Selection Policy is based on a series of recognised practices used to Evaluate Individuals in the context of the workplace. These practices include:

  1. A management system to consolidate compliance with Data Protection Act (LOPD 15/1999).
  2. Incorporation of an access protocol for professions and/or activities that involve regular contact with minors, in compliance with Act 26/2015, of 28 July, amending the child and adolescent protection system.
  3. Advertising and broadcasting of vacancies, following transparency and universality criteria.
  4. Internal advertising of vacancies, to favour horizontal and vertical mobility of CEU employees.
  5. Appropriate candidacy competition in processes, to facilitate the selection of the best candidate.
  6. Full and objective evaluation of the candidate (technical, behavioural and language), following merit-based standards such as qualifications, abilities, knowledge and competencies, as well as ability to adapt to environment.
  7. Training of assessment staff and use of tested evaluation tools and techniques, meaning that decision-making is driven by formal rules that minimise subjectivity.
  8. Design of the Selection System following quality standards, defining procedures, describing processes and assigning responsibilities in each stage of the selection processes.

The main focus of the Objectives of the CEU Human Resources department is its search for the best professionals with language skills and a global outlook that are competent with new technologies and whose values are in tune with those of our institution.
These Objectives are compliant with the second priority of the 2014-2016 Action Plan: supply the Institution with an excellent high performance team that is motivated and shares the Foundation's mission, enabling it to become one of Spain's top education and training providers and expand internationally.
On an operational level, CEU's General Contracting Process defines criteria, guidelines and decision-makers in the selection processes and affects all the Centres and groups. This process is structured on the following points:

  1. Determination of need.
  2. Description of the vacancy and definition of the evaluation criteria.
  3. Advertisement of the job offer, internally and externally.
  4. Evaluation.
  5. Selection decision.
  6. Incorporation and welcoming of the new employee.

Under this general framework specific selection procedures have been developed for specific groups or Centres where required. Thus, three specific procedures are applied to centres and groups where needed, based on individual requirements. These are:

  1. Teaching and research staff Selection and Contracting Procedure CEU San Pablo University..
  2. Teaching and research staff Selection and Contracting Procedure in CEU Cardenal Herrera University.
  3. Teaching and research staff Selection and Contracting Procedures in CEU Abat Oliba University.

In conclusion, CEU's Staff Selection System aims to attain the aforementioned Objectives, facilitating the optimum development of staff selection processes, adapting to the principles outlined and emerging socio-educational needs and strengthening alignment with our values and ideology.

Governance Rules

San Pablo CEU University Foundation aims to fulfil the apostolic aims of its founding organisation, the Catholic Association of Propagandists, through the work it promotes and manages. As an ecclesiastical organisation, the Catholic Association of Propagandists aims not only to achieve its aims but also to do so through the use of decision-making structures and procedures that reflect its Christian ideology.

These Internal Governance Rules aim to help San Pablo CEU University Foundation to better meet its foundational aims.

Governance Rules