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At CEU we have a deep commitment to society and we believe in the need to promote talent.

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For this reason we have created a “Grants and Scholarships Programme” making us the top private Institution in Spain for this type of investment.

With this Programme we want to reward effort, excellence and achievement so that students can enjoy an education that helps them to develop their capabilities and skills regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Becas Merit Program


This new grant programme run by CEU San Pablo Foundation makes a further one million euros available for scholarships. It offers grants for all undergraduate degrees and has the following notable characteristics:

  • A clear commitment to dedicated students that are willing to put in the work
    Partial grants involve a 65% reduction in the total cost per course of study and with full scholarships 100% of fees are paid.
  • Keep up the pace and CEU will keep investing in you: guaranteed
    The CEU Merit Programme grant is automatically renewed each academic year once the established academic conditions have been met. Thus, if you maintain the average grade set out in the terms you are guaranteed that you will get the grant for each academic year of your undergraduate study programme. There is no risk that you could lose the grant through having to apply for it each year. This is our commitment: if you get the academic results we will continue to help you.
  • Time is on your side and you have choices
    If we notify you that we have awarded you a grant you can then rest assured that you have secured a place in our university with all the advantages of the CEU Merit Programme. We will let you know in good time so you can choose what you want to do: continue with our admissions process or, if you prefer, request that we return the registration fee you paid so that you can accept a place in any other university. Of course, if requested in the specified timeframe your registration fee refund is guaranteed. As free and easy as that, without explanations or complicated procedures.

CEU Grants Department

Ask in your nearest department about CEU grant terms and conditions.

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