Vocational Training


Vocational training centres base their educational model on the following fundamental pillars:

  • The value of doing work placements in reference companies in each sector.
  • International conventions with English-speaking universities like University of Wales and with others such as Atlántica in Portugal or the Erasmus Plus Programme.
  • The experience of learning on a university campus /b> enriches the student on a professional and on a personal level.
  • Top quality facilities that allow a practical focus to be offered that is adapted to the needs of the company.
  • Job exchange whose aim is for students to develop their professional activity in top class companies.
  • Student services that complement the teaching activity such as languages and sports and cultural activities.

ISEP Madrid

FP Madrid

Ceu Isep

+34 91 543 57 01 | See Map | Web

Instituto Superior de Estudios Profesionales (ISEP) centres its activity on intermediate and advanced training cycles, professional courses and professional masters in the areas of Management and Finance, Marketing and Advertising, Audiovisual 3D Animation, Health, Computers, Education and Humanities.

ISEP Valencia y Castellón

FP Valencia

Ceu Isep Valencia

+34 96 136 90 09 | Mapa1 Mapa2 | Web

Instituto Superior de Estudios Profesionales (ISEP) centres its activity on vocational training and, specifically, on intermediate and advanced vocational training cycles in the Audiovisual, Health and Education areas.

CEP CEU Sevilla

FP Sevilla

Ceu Sevilla

+34 954 48 80 00 | See Map | Web

Centro de Estudios Profesionales CEU centres its activity on Advanced Level Training Cycles in the areas of Education, Business, Sports and Health.