CEU international university experience

  • Additional training included in the tuition to improve your level of English or Spanish..
  • Faculties with students coming from up 20 different countries; a university experience in Spain but with an international ambiance.
  • International programmes to complete part of your undergraduate studies in top class universities from all around the world like Boston, Chicago, Columbia or Fordham..
  • Bilingual qualifications, to learn how to think and do in your own language and in another.

CEU employability

  • Our employability studies indicate that in some of our facilities up to 95% of students find work.
  • We offer qualifications with which 89% of students have found work in less than three months..

CEU entrepreneurship

  • StartinCEU Programme: an initiative that promotes entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development of students.
  • CEU Enterprise Programme: so that our students learn tools to create initiatives, manage ideas, present projects and construct their own future.
  • High Achievement Programme: to promote each student's talent as much as possible.
  • CEU ePlus Programme: to develop transversal skills to boost employability.

University research CEU-style

  • Offering more than 70 active research projects costing more than 8 million euros and grant con programas de becas programmes for training research staff.
  • CEU integrates its doctoral studies into CEINDO (International Doctoral School), an interuniversity space for advanced postgraduate studies.

CEU San Pablo

University Madrid

Ceu Usp

+34 91 456 63 00 | See Map | Web

With a campus in Madrid and separate facilities in Moncloa and Montepríncipe, CEU San Pablo was founded in 1933 and has Faculties of Economics and Business Sciences, Humanities and Communication, Law, Pharmacy and Medicine and a Polytechnic Institute.

CEU Cardenal Herrera

University Valencia

Ceu Uch

+34 96 136 90 00 | See Map | Web

CEU Cardenal Herrera was set up in 1999. It has campuses in Valencia, Elche and Castellón and its Faculties include Humanities and Communications, Law, Business and Political Sciences, Veterinary and an ESET Technical School of Engineering.

Abat Oliba CEU

University Barcelona

Ceu Uao

+34 93 254 09 00 | See Map | Web

Abat Oliba CEU was established in 2003. Situated on the Bellesguard campus, its Faculties include Media Studies, Economics and Business Sciences, Law and Political Sciences, Humanities, Learning Sciences and Psychology.

Teacher Training School

Others Vigo

Ceu Magisterio

+34 986 41 44 98 | See Map | Web

CEU University Teacher Training School, an independent centre of Vigo University, has grown from the time it was established in 1956 into one of Galicia's most prestigious teacher training universities.

CEU Andalucía Foundation

Others Andalucía

Ceu Sevilla

+34 954 48 80 00 | See Map | Web

This teaching and learning institution offers university undergraduate degrees in Education, Law y Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Academic and professional excellence.