CEU Emprende

Emprende CEU 01

“CEU Emprende” is a transversal initiative of all our educational centres and phases, aimed at both students and professionals and with the objective of promoting entrepreneurial initiative, providing tools, training and experience that allows them to acquire the competency required to create successful companies.

CEU Emprende is one of the main pillars of CEU's proposal for education, its mission is to foster and promote the entrepreneurial spirit in its educational community, and put in place all the measures and resources needed so that those students with entrepreneurial potential can develop it with success. CEU Emprende focuses on social responsibility and promotes social ventures with NGOs and Foundations with social aims.


CEU Emprende

Through practical training, students develop ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCY that allows them to PUT IDEAS INTO ACTION, working with different knowledge, skills and attitudes that form the basis of entrepreneurship: organisation by objectives, initiative, innovation, risk assumption, teamwork, negotiation, planning, building support networks, creativity.