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With the Leadership Essentials programme from the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL), CEU offers its postgraduate students a unique education that has enjoyed great success in 20 countries, for 46 years, training more than 20,000 leaders across all professional and social sectors. In Spain this programme is only available at CEU, perhaps because only those that truly believe in leadership potential join forces.

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For more than 80 years, CEU has been one of the flagship institutions in teaching the value of people, developing and inspiring leaders in the corporate environment, in politics and in science, who then go on to share their bounty with the society they serve.

Commitment to people is inherent to everything the Postgraduate Department in CEU does. In this regard, a humanistic approach shines through in the leadership of its participants.

The secret of the Postgraduate Department's success is the fine reputation of its faculty staff, dedicated to avant-garde research, the quality of the programmes on offer and the participants and the quality of the methodology developed in the lecture hall as well as its more than 31,000 top quality past students.

Faculty staff
Accredited lecturers with academic and professional experience together with employers, entrepreneurs and professionals from different areas and sectors comprise a unique faculty staff to offer an experience that can meet the needs of a global world.

Professional development and lead generation
We generate and foster meetings on a management, academic and professional level, working to create value for employers, management and students alike. Entrepreneurship, innovation and development go hand in hand thanks to CEU.

Skills and Competencies
We believe in differentiation and this can only be achieved through experience. Creating real environments is one of our challenges and to achieve this we are strongly committed to providing transversal skills training to equip our students with the skills they need for their professional development.

CEU Employability and Rankings
With 95% employability, the CEU postgraduate programme is a sure bet when it comes to career development. Not only do our students secure a job when they finish their studies, most of them actually get employment in the areas and sectors in which they have trained.

Study areas
Diversity is important when it comes to offering quality education. We believe transversal education is an innovative source and offers added value for our students who can take courses in: legal and social sciences, business and economics, education, communication and marketing, design, health and engineering and architecture.

We believe in internationalisation as a vital element in postgraduate training. This is why we develop international programmes and create development centres such as the Institute for European Studies that are characteristic of and enhance the training programmes we offer.

CEU IAM Business School

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CEU Institute for Advanced Management (IAM) Business School links its academic excellence to the international projection of its students, enhancing its offer in international programs.

- Masters Full Time
- Advanced Programmes
- Executive Programmes

CEU San Pablo

University Madrid

Posgrado Madrid

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We believe in your talent. At CEU San Pablo University, your commitment, attitude and aptitude will help you transform your vocation into your profession. Work on your future. With us.

CEU Cardenal Herrera

University Valencia

Posgrado Valencia

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CEU Cardenal Herrera was set up in 1999. It has campuses in Valencia, Elche and Castellón and its Faculties include Humanities and Media Studies, Law, Business and Political Sciences, Veterinary and an ESET Technical School of Engineering.

Abat Oliba CEU

University Barcelona

Posgrado Barcelona

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Abat Oliba CEU was established in 2003. Situated on the Bellesguard campus, its Faculties include Media Studies, Economics and Business Sciences, Law and Political Sciences, Humanities, Learning Sciences and Psychology.

CEU International Doctoral School


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The CEU International Doctoral School brings together various different research groups comprised of doctors with accredited research experience. The educational programme trains a wide range of researchers specialised in the different programmes on offer in the School.

Professional Development School

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CEU Valladolid

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The Professional Development School of the San Pablo Castilla y León Foundation focuses on generic and discipline-specific postgraduate training and on in-company training, amongst other activities.

CEU Andalucía Foundation

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CEU Sevilla

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Teaching and learning institution that offers university postgraduate courses in the areas of Education, Law, Sports, Business, Health, Digital Art and Security.