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Senior University

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Vniversitas Senioribvs is one of the Educational Centres of the CEU San Pablo University Foundation. Offering training on all levels, with this Senior University CEU’s education cycle is complete.

Senior University

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Continuing education for people to enjoy broadening knowledge and acquiring new knowledge throughout their lives, whilst staying intellectually active.

CEU Andalucía Foundation

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CEU Sevilla

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Teaching and learning institution that offers university undergraduate degrees in the areas of Education, Law and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. It also offers Postgraduate studies, language training and advanced level education cycles and competitive examinations.

Inst. for Historical Studies

Institute Madrid


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This meeting point for historians and history enthusiasts with a passion for the truth offers a perspective on our past as the result of humankind's freedom to write its own history. It has earned recognition for its educational work in the university undergraduate History and Art History programmes

Ángel Ayala Inst. of Humanities

Institute Madrid

CEU Humanidades

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Institution of CEU San Pablo University Foundation set up for the development and dissemination of humanistic thinking, delivered in line with Church Teachings. It carries out activities in the broad field of humanities.

Inst. of European Studies

Institute Madrid

CEU Europeos

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The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence is an advanced research centre of CEU San Pablo University that specialises in the study and analysis of European integration and other aspects of international relations

Institute of the Family

Institute Madrid

CEU Familia

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Centre for research, teaching and counselling on marriage and the family. It conducts research projects on: marriage, family, life, education, family and work life balance, fostering and adoption, the elderly and carers, family and communication methods and “gender ideology”.

Institute for Democracy

Institute Madrid

CEU Democracia

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Multidisciplinary centre for research and advanced postgraduate studies affiliated with CEU San Pablo University. Its activity is centred on promoting research and studies in political thinking, democracy, economy and Rule of Law.