Employ CEU Talent

We have full confidence in our students' prospects as future professionals, which is why one of our main objectives is to increase the employability of our CEU undergraduate and postgraduate students

Ensuring the employability of our undergraduate and postgraduate students is a key objective for CEU and to this end, we continue to work steadily, year-on-year to ensure that CEU students enter the market with the best chance of success.

The professional careers service works to facilitate contact between the market and our students and past students. Top professionals, with an international vision based on innovation, and committed to developing society in line with the highest ethical standards. Professionals with a wide range of profiles, from those in search of junior apprenticeships to former students in management roles in some of the most important international Companies, Administrations and Organisations.

We want to provide a fundamental link between recruiters and candidates, but our work also includes skills training towards developing a successful professional career, advising students on professional options etc.

Are you a company in search of Talent?

In our efforts to work hand in hand with the most innovative companies we count on their collaboration as references for professional development, as examples of successful managers of employee careers etc. If you are interested, the professional career service would be delighted to count on you and on your example in training tomorrow's professionals.

If you are looking for talent for your organisation or would like to access our professional career advice and employment and development service please contact us.